Mirage Man

May 20, 2008

This is a huge departure for me…I have never painted the human form and although I like the idea, I’m not totally thrilled with the results….yet. I am also having a hard time photographing my particular style of painting. The blended brushstrokes loose their texture in the photo and in person, they reflect light differently. There is more depth and detail.

16″ x 20″ oil on canvas. Created 5/20/08


Boo Loves Koda

May 20, 2008

Boo is the Dad and a really good one. He loves his children.

Brotherly Love

May 20, 2008

Nothing more needs to be said…..


May 15, 2008

Just a calming moment.

6″ x 8″. Oil on board. Created 5/13/08.

Whispered Horizon

May 15, 2008

Just a whisper of the distant horizon.

6″ x 8″ oil on board. Created 5/13/08

Forgotten Gladiolas

May 15, 2008

Protected but long forgotten wind swept gladiolas. 

6″ x 8″ oil on board. Inspired by Ann Mittleman. Created 5/13/08

Ann Revisited

May 8, 2008

Another attempt at revisiting my Grandmother Ann Mittleman’s style of painting. Her painting is similiar and my inspiration on a daily basis.

16″ x 20″. Oil on canvas. Created 5/7/08